Holiday Fest begins at Mulino's, White Plains...

It is over the top this time of the year at Mulino’s on Court Street, White Plains. Popped in for an advanced look at the annual holiday decorations and they are beautiful. Brought a smile to my face while I sipped a cocktail in the lounge area. It has become sort of an institution at Christmastime. The place is all decked out thru December, I was told by Gimmy, the long time general manager. And it is really ok for the young and the young at heart…
From past experience, reservations definitely suggested this month for lunch and dinner. If you just want to visit the lounge, that should be ok…

The place was in full swing early last night. Enjoyed the carolers while sharing a platter of dried salsiccia, breadsticks and cheeses, a good glass of wine too, of course. The valet crew were passing out bags of fresh roasted chestnuts as you left…

Not really our kind of place, we are thinking about either taking Mother and Father in law or purchasing gift certificate, they will get a kick out of the Christmas shtick. Where would you recommend the best place/room to sit to take it all in … decorations, carolers, water features … Also is it noisy, well lit? TIA

We had a company holiday party there on year. One of the saleswomen got so drink she was shaking hands with the giant nutcracker guys. Not our thing either. Not nuts about the food and really the Schlick is not for us.

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chowdom, it does get quite hectic at Holiday time, so here are a few pointers: the earlier the better, they serve all afternoon. The crowd does build up as the evening wears on. Lunch would be a good option, too. The bi-level dining room has fine views wherever you are seated. The outdoor fountain can been seen as well. It is well lit. I heard the carolers on a Friday evening. Not sure what their actual schedule is, you would have to call ahead. Also, you can just stop down for a cocktail or snack in the lounge area…dining room reservations are definitely a must right now!

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Ty … are they handicap accessible
Is it only the short staircase at the

Ty … gift certificate for sure!

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