Holiday deals- kitchen/ cookware- 2023

Copying and pasting a number of kitchen/ cookware/ appliance deals gathered on the web. Below are Amazon’s.

Note: The site relies on Amazon referral commissions to pay for about 20-30% of the cost of the servers that run the site so when you shop at Amazon using the links below or the Amazon icon on the header bar, it is helping the site out! You don’t even need to buy the specific items listed below. All you need is to click any of the Amazon links below and do your normal purchases as usual. Thank you for helping Hungry Onion!!!

Best Overall Early Black Friday Deals

Best Deals on Appliances

Best Deals on Cookware

Best Deals on Kitchen Tools and Gadgets

Best Deals on Kitchen Storage and Organization


Yay! A curated shopping list!

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Amazing. Thanks !

@hungryonion Would you please repost the overall amazon shopping link, so we can still generate the referral even if we’re buying other things not listed? Thanks!

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Does HO get referral credit if you add other things to your cart?

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I don’t know. @hungryonion ?

Yes, it is:

You can also just click this icon to get to the shopping link:

Yes, you can get anything on Amazon with the HO referral link and HO will get a small commission.


So useful to learn about a way to help support HO. :smile:

Oops, I always forget to use the link, thanks for the reminder.

And that works even if it opens the app rather than the website?

Missed this question earlier. probably not the Amazon app on mobile as they probably credit any sale on their app to themselves.

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Got it. I used the link to open in my browser. Thx!

Some more kitchen deals from the last few days:



Smaller tools:

Organizational tools:

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@hungryonion - any way you can pin this to the main HO page (even though it’s mostly tied to kitchen cookware) as a Stickie/General Announcement?

If I read you correctly, you’re saying that ANYTHING we buy using the Amazon link will generate a small commission to HO. I mean - if we buy clothes or toys, HO would get a small commission, yes? Maybe pinning this link ( at the top as a Stickie General Announcement might be more visible with a topic-specific subject line? I’ll be honest, I didn’t’ even pay attention to the Amazon Holiday Deals in the banner - but maybe that’s just me. Since I don’t need cookware, I wouldn’t have clicked on it.

Just a thought.

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Yes. That’s correct. Anything purchases through the HO Amazon link counts!