Holiday beers SFBA

Back in the day, it was always great post-Thanksgiving pub hopping to try the new holiday releases. But it seems, much like “harvest ales”, brewers aren’t seeing the need for a holiday release in the midst of their 4 new IPAs…

Anchor and Sierra of course are still putting out their standards. I saw a special release from 21st Amendment at Whole Foods yesterday.

Any other sightings of special releases, either at the pub or on the shelves? (And I realize there is no style–these beers have traditionally been all different)


Cellarmaker’s Blammo (coconut imperial stout). Hopefully they’ll put out their Double coconut Blammo this year (even more intense). Skip the Baby Blammo if you see it, it’s weak. They also have some new barleywines at their Folsom st pub (can get crowded) or Mission st pizza location (skip the pizza, take the beer)…