Holiday Baking and Treats, 2023

We have exactly ZERO cookie overlap; we both oogled that chocolate toffee though :slight_smile:

I admit I liked the idea of the churro nuggets, maybe just not specifically for Christmas cookies…


I was thinking of using colored sugar with them.
I guess I’ll be dreaming cookies from now on for a few weeks!

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Comparing orange and cranberry bundts for possible use at my annual holiday party.

Tutti Dolci
-only 2 eggs

Sally’s Baking Addiction
-sour cream
-5 eggs
-white and brown sugars

Natasha’s Kitchen
-3 eggs
-the only candidate with oil and butter


Hummm, like choosing a favorite child?


I’m sure they’re all pretty good! Seem fairly similar ….

I had the thought of making speculoos cookies or another sturdy cookie and making sandwich cookies with this. I know a certain daughter who would love them.


Those would be delectable!

I found some interesting versions here and here and here.

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The annual batch of Union Square Cafe Bar Nuts. Often this time of year I need a break from sweet nibbles, and these scratch the itch (and then some) for savory.

I made a 1-lb. batch, but scaled out the mixed nuts for a second batch and tucked those in the freezer.


Pumpkin tart, as a follow-up to my failed pumpkin pie.

Here I used Jenn Segal’s Sweet Tart Dough for the crust, reducing the sugar substantially to offset the sweetness of the filling. The dough fit a 9 1/2" pan perfectly, as did 1/2 of the Bon Appetit recipe for pumpkin pie filling.

I was unsure how this would turn out and whether I’d be posting here or on the disaster thread. I made a back-up crust just in case I needed a do-over. I’m happy with the result, however, and think the tart crust works well. Crumbly, and just sweet enough. It certainly looks better than my previous version, which used a standard pie crust.

I will probably use the back-up crust to bake another identical tart tomorrow (DH is 110% on board with that suggestion).



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Pecan Tassies for our T.Day dessert (and pre-T.Day nibbling) were baked today. I’ll make 5 more batches for family Christmas boxes / friends gift plates sometime in the next 2 weeks. My goal is to mail boxes by 12/12.


So gorgeous, wish I had a slice!

Someone gave me a Costco pumpkin pie so I decided to buy some Clover Cream today. Went to Andronico, now owned by Safeway. The only pint they had was regular, $7.49!!! Organic cost less, $6.99 but they had no pints, just small size. They finally gave me the two small organic ones for $6.99.

I think this is really expensive. I think I could buy for less $ at 22nd Avenue Market but I didn’t want to make another stop just for that.

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Love them! I will make for coworkers this year as always.

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I found a Marks & Spencer gingerbread bus kit at Target and took it with a bagful of other gbread house kits to a party.

I didn’t realize when I bought it that it involved fondant, which I’ve never worked with before.

Serious learning curve with that stuff. I finally figured out what I was doing and got most of it rolled out and detailed. Then I took a break to eat my supper, intending to pick up where I left off to glue the fondant to the cookies with the provided icing. Little did I know that the fondant would dry out and become brittle instead of pliable. There was a lot of cursing.

I don’t have the bus assembled yet but I got the pieces home unscathed from the party. From watching the others at the party struggle to assemble and stabilize their houses, I fear the worst is yet to come…


I made the Sally’s version. Not really thrilled with the results. Kind of unremarkable, which is a bummer considering the time and materials investment. :-1:


Looks pretty


I’m baking for a cookie exchange this Saturday. Which do you think I should bake?

  • Kourabiedes
  • Melomakarona
  • Dorie’s World Peace Cookies

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I had to look up the 2 Greek cookies. Your survey results may be skewed by some just choosing the familiar. Then again… CHOCOLATE. (My vote for the spiced melomakarona stands.)


The Kourabiedes are similar to Russian Tea Cakes, Vanilla Kipferl, Mexican Wedding Cakes and Snowballs. My family recipe is a little more buttery, with more nuts than the recipe above, but the recipe above is the more common ratio of flour: butter :nuts!