Hoffmann's Grill & Rotisserie [San Francisco]

Hoffmann’s is a neighborhood restaurant on the border of the Mission. The food is consistent, good, and creative where it counts. They deserve to have more business than they seem to be getting, but I’ll note they’ve been a savior on Friday nights where we didn’t feel like dealing with Friday night crowds.

I’ve returned to the grilled romaine salad a few times. Grilling brings out flavors you’d never know about from eating Caesar salad, and it retains a fresh, rather than carbonized, crunch. Ripe avocados and buttermilk dressing match the mellowness of the romaine.

I also like the Gruyere, Butternut Squash & Crispy Sage spaetzle. Good, slightly nutty, flavors and the texture is more fulfilling than mac and cheese.

Last night they had a pork belly special, that was deliciously paired with pomegranate seeds and farro.

What else do people like there?

1000 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 374-7479

I realize someone named Hoffmann is involved, but I’m pissed that they usurped the name of one of my old hangouts, the historic Hoffman’s Grill on Market St. It’s really jarring to hear a hipster joint flaunting that moniker.

Fortunately Joe Betz, the last owner of THE Hoffman Grill, landed on his feet; he took over the House of Prime Rib and turned it around.

I bet you don’t rub shoulders with stevedores at the new Hoffman’s.

I’ve met no stevedores at Hoffmann’s (note the two n’s), but the conversations I’ve eavesdropped on have been more pleasant than the business school / tech conversations I encountered at Michelin starred Aster across the street :slight_smile: The crowd is a bit more Noe Valley and they have a kids menu.

I don’t remember stevedores at the old Hoffman’s, but I do remember classic but elusive-to-me cream gravy on the veal cutlet. It’s taken me 4 decades to come close.

My office was across the street from Hoffman’s in the 60s and there were still remnants of a less polished clientele, especially in the evening. One Christmas we took over the whole place for our office Christmas party. I do remember the veal cutlet.

Did Hoffman’s move to New Montgomery at some point or do I have the wrong restaurant. I thought they were there in the mid 80’s.

You my be confusing it with House of Shields.

I really miss Hoffman Grill on Market. I wrote the following about it some time ago on some other board:

Great sauerbraten, and a tasty midmorning breakfast too. Back in the early 80s, on the occasional rough morning after a night of excess, I used to sneak away to the Hoffman from my corporate job. A great plate of corned beef hash and eggs made everything right again. (That might have been their only breakfast item)