HOdown Sat. May 20th Fernandes 3 - South Amboy NJ***TIME HAS CHANGED TO 5PM****

Come one come all!! @seal and I have set the date the only thing left is for you, yes YOU to come join us. ( @corvette_johnny I’m looking directly at you )

Here is a web site for the location, it is rodizio as well as having an extensive menu of Portuguese and Italian choices. Honestly I have eaten here a few dozen times in the past couple of years and have NEVER had a bad meal.

I’m sure there is going to be some kind of eating challenge to come out of this trip, so if watching middle aged men gorge themselves into a full blown case of the meat sweats is your thing, then you cannot miss this!!

Let’s get a good crowd, you’ve got plenty of time to plan for this. (We will need to make reservations a week in advance as they do book up on the weekends so please RSVP to this thread by May 6th to ensure we can all enjoy a night together) Let’s call it 6:30/7pm time range for now??

(First round of sangria are on Seal!!!)

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OK, a couple of things here.

First, when @NotJrvedivici said he and I set a date, we are not getting married.

Second, even though there is no wedding ( see #1 ), we are still expecting HOs from far and wide to attend this awesome event.

Third, we are registered at Macy’s.


In! (Mostly because I wanna see middle-aged men get the meat sweats AGAIN.) :grin:

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might be worthwhile to link to the discussion on the old site about the best public bathrooms around NJ area after this event…

Well I’m not in front of my outlook calendar but screw it, what is on there is getting postponed! Count me in. This will be an epic event! For anyone that hasn’t had a rodizio experience, this is one to try. Fernandes puts out some quality meat.

@NotJrvedivici I wonder is we should give a run down of how it works, or do you think everyone knows about rodizio at this point? There might be some folks that don’t realize the carnage that is about to ensue lol

If @seal is buying pitchers I might just have to Uber my way up there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For other fernandes fans, how does 2 compare to 3 in terms of cut selection?

Michelle and I are coming


Nice pic! Where is that from?

@CurlzNJ are sweatpants permitted? :grinning: If I’m going to keep up with jr I’m going to need some room to work with lol. I’m just joking! I can’t hold a candle to @NotJrvedivici but I think I’ll get my monies worth.

This should be a good time.

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That picture is actually from Fernandes 2 in Newark but they have a similar setup at Fernandes 3.

Go ahead with a run down, however please don’t overlook the fact that the place is also a very legit “normal” restaurant as well. The appeal to the place isn’t only rodizio their regular menu items, everything from EXCELLENT paella to chicken parm is pretty darn good. Especially portion size. It’s all around a decent restaurant which happens to have excellent rodizio.

Honestly I"ve given up on the rodizio just because I do way over eat when I get it. I prefer the “steak on a tile” it’s a nice sized rib eye, served on a heated (sterno under) a ceramic roof tile, topped with garlic butter and shrimp it’s “finished” cooking table side. Very unique presentation and a great steak. That’s been my “go-to” dish my last half dozen times there, they also have an EXCELLENT tomahawk on special, I think it was $57. the last time I got it and it was YUGE for that price.

(originally I was just teasing about @seal paying for the first pitcher of sangria but he hasn’t rebutted it so now I"m going to double down.)…First round of sangria and SHOTS are on @seal!!!

I"m sure if you do a google search there is some sort of fetish site for that. {{Ewwwwwwww I just googled it DO NOT follow my advice, nope ignore this post, just keep moving on…}}


I would love to go to one of these, meet everyone in person and with the added bonus of the watching the meat-sweating but I’m not planning anything beyond the first week of May for fear that rodizio will induce labor! Enjoy!!!


Oh congratulations!! (we can find something far more mild for you!! Plus we might need a designated driver!! joke)

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My sister-in-law was due in mid-Sept of 2001, but my very wise niece saw what was going on in the world and decided to stay put.

What finally put her in to labor? Lamb chops. On October 1st! JUST. SAYIN’. :grin:

AH! I won’t be overdue on May 13th. If I am still pregnant by October, I will be prepared for something more extreme than eating lamb chops.

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LOL! Just pointing out that the meat helped get the kid out in that case… :grin:

Aw man…I thought this was going to be a huge rodizio fest lol

Sorry @NotJrvedivici but I figured everyone on the board knows that the joke of it is that I am soooo cheap I would never pay for a round of drinks. Also, I didn’t want to call attention to your constant lying. Honestly sometimes I don’t know why I am marrying you.

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Sounds like a blast. We’re in.

Gotta be the big ring…