HODown pot luck at my house next weekend 9/10

I know it’s not a lot of time, but we were supposed to do a big BBQ thing today and it was cancelled and we have two couples who want to do a pot luck next Saturday. So I am throwing this out here to see if there is any interest.

If you want to come over and bring a dish post here and I will make a final decision by end of day Tuesday.

All final details will be covered more privately.

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Well good thing you didn’t make this 9/11.

I have a smoked turkey I need to unload.

Where & when? I may have to work till 5 that day.

Darn; long-planned weekend with family and friends here. Sorry to miss it!

No luck planning this thing so just forget it for now.

May try again in the fall.

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I would have loved to make it but I have a camping trip that weekend. Appreciate you offering up your place for us :slight_smile:

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