HODown at The Old Bukhara, Freehold


We’re almost there.

(David) #33

Ok, I am feeling lousy, and it is only ten minutes before my bedtime, so I will put the lack of reviews up to food comas. But there better be some posts up here when I get up at 4 am.

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@seal, So sorry are under the weather. You were missed! To make you feel better…

Old Bukhara “HOdown” Photo Set

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David, the food was quite good. And we talked and laughed a lot. We had an assortment of appetizers and of course the Palov (so much of it), and four different kinds of kebabs. The lamb chop kebabs and the chicken were great. Actually they were all great. Roz took photos. I was too busy eating to take more than this one. I’m sure someone more eloquent that me will post. Feel better.


Nice pics ladies. So as far as the kebabs went, were you getting any of the charcoal flavor? I’m almost certain this places cooks them over charcoal. That is one reason why I want to try it.


Apologies for the delay in posting, but after lunch I just kept going and didn’t get home until late last night (AP Music + Film Festival weekend)! As has already been posted, we had a really delicious and fun lunch together yesterday… First of all, great to finally meet @CoachDonna @heidicooksandbakes and @RGR ! @seal we missed you, but you really sounded awful so we all agreed it was better you stayed home.

We let @BossaNova lead on ordering and we ended up with exactly the right variety and amount of food on the table (imo). I absolutely loved the chopped salad with avocado and green apple, although I’m truly perplexed as I try to figure out how avocados got in to Uzbeki cuisine. We had 3 different types of lamb kebabs (traditional chunks of meat, ground (kofte style), and lamb short ribs. Had I been alone, I might have tackled half of the ground and the short ribs, but I was being polite :slight_smile: I also loved the dish that’s listed as a 3000 year-old recipe–a braise that virtually every culture has on their respective menus! @corvette_johnny the kebabs were excellent; moist and flavorful, and I’d guess there’s charcoal involved. Sometimes I’m disappointed by how these dry out but that was NOT the case.

The Palov was tasty but lacked the heavier-handed seasoning that I enjoyed on the kebabs. That may be traditional, but I’d love a more jazzed-up version.

We finished the meal with shared baklava and honey cake, the latter of which was more like a napoleon with MANY layers–not what any of us were expecting, but very tasty!

All in all, a lovely way to spend the afternoon with a fun bunch. Thanks for coming, y’all!


I think the charcoal flavor came thru in both the lamb short ribs and the beef kebabs. Don’t think it was as pronounced in the ground kebabs.

I would totally go back for those lamb short ribs and those crisp potatoes.

(Roz Rappaport) #39

@CurlzNJ, Very good write-up.

Of all the things we had, the one that really surprised me was the chicken, something I normally wouldn’t think to order as I much prefer lamb. Juicy and highly seasoned, it was delicious.

Do you (or anyone else) remember if the Qozon kebab (3,000-year-old recipe) was one of the skewers on the set that did not include the chicken? I’d like to add that notation on the appropriate photo.

It was a pleasure meeting everyone and putting faces to on-line names.

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Thanks, @RGR …the Qozon was the plate with the two big chops (with bones), onions, and red peppers.

And omg @CoachDonna how could I forget those potatoes?? Think papas fritas but with a TON of garlic…they were fantastic!

(Jeff) #41

I remember seeing on their website that they cook over charcoal. It’s definitely worth trying. They’re open for lunch too. I’m 10 minutes away (as is @seal) so let us know if you’re planning to go.

(Roz Rappaport) #42

Thanks, @CurlzNJ, for the helpful description. Turns out I’d neglected to upload the photo to my Flickr. It’s now in the set with the correct labeling.


Well my dilemma is this place or aarzu. I’m not sure which to try first :slight_smile: I think either way will be fun. I will try to get out there soon. Also, if you guys are over here, Bombay river opened in red bank. I am game to try that if anyone is up for it. The menu is now up and they opened last night…literally.

@CoachDonna were those lamb short ribs? I’ve never tried those (at least that I can think of)

(Roz Rappaport) #44

Obviously, I’m not @CoachDonna, but yes they were.


Nice…I always have ribs, chops or shank. I don’t think I’ve had lamb short rib. I think that means I will need to get over there :wink:


I’ve never had them before. And they were small. But incredibly juicy and delicious.


The lamb short ribs reminded me of tiny flanken style or Korean style short ribs, cut into individual pieces. I remember back in the day my mother making lamb chops with flat, square bones forming one side. I have no idea what cut they were. They were kosher and maybe something not generally available.

The Qozon kebab reminded me of oxtail on steroids. They had a center bone that look very vertebral. I did not find them highly seasoned. They braised until tender but with still a little bit of chew in them.

As good as all the food was, meeting folks I already felt like I knew was the best part of the meal.


I too really enjoyed those tiny lamb short ribs. Each and every item was really tasty and a new flavor for me. But like MsBean says, it was meeting people in person that really put the meal over the top for me!

(Junior) #49

Glad to see everyone had a great time, my apologies for not being able to make it. Saturday was my fathers birthday and at 84 it’s not something I can miss or want to reschedule.

(Steve R.) #50

Nice meal…glad to see it worked out. The food looks great (thanks for the pictures Roz). If any of you are ever in Brooklyn & want more of Uzbek cooking, I highly recommend checking out Nargis. The original on Ave Z/Coney Is. Ave has an extensive menu, but the newer one in Park Slope is great as well. And, if you need company, well, we’re always hungry.

(Roz Rappaport) #51

@SteveR, So nice to see you here! It’s my pleasure to provide photos.