HODown at The Old Bukhara, Freehold


Please join us on Saturday, April 28th at 12:30pm for lunch at The Old Bukhara.

RSVP on this thread by April 15th.

239 US 9
Freehold NJ 07728

ALL ARE WELCOME and encouraged to come!

(Roz Rappaport) #2

Our plans for that weekend have changed, so Mr. RBI and I will be able to come.


The spouse and I may actually be able to make this one!

(Jeff) #4

Count us in for 2


@rgr @CoachDonna Terrific! Looking forward to meeting you!

@BossaNova and @MishyPoo it’s always a pleasure to dine with you. :blush:

(David) #6

Looks like you just get the worst member of seal team six - sorry only me.


I’m definitely in!


I might be in but my b day is the 27th. I was planning on ferrying over to NYC and staying the weekend.

Maybe we need a plataforma HO down soon? :smile:


I’m in for 2…

(Art) #10

I just started a new job but I should be able to swing it. Count me in for 1.

(Art) #11

Nope. Count me out. April 28 is Rutgers day and we go every year.

Better I let you know than a no show.

I’ll have to hit this place on my own and let you know what I think (thunk?)


Count me in for one!



(Joon) #14



Buuuuuump! I need to call the restaurant on Tuesday and confirm our headcount. Right now it looks like 11…any changes from the folks below and/or additions? Don’t let SOME OF US scare you–we’re quite a fun group! :smile:

@CurlzNJ (2)
@RGR (2)
@BossaNova (2)
@MsBean (1)
@CoachDonna (2)
@heidicooksandbakes (1)
@joonjoon (1)


I’m in and so is Mr Bean. We’re looking forward to getting together.

(Jeff) #17

Confirming that Michelle and I will be there.

(Roz Rappaport) #18


Curlz, Note that to have the signature palov — which I think we should — it has to be pre-ordered.


We’re in. Do we gave a time?

(David) #20

I’m in for 1 person.