HODown 4/15 12 pm at BarcaCity New Brunswick

Just enjoying the day today and thought I’d have liked to go for the Saturday special. Cheap good food and drinks from 12-2. If it’s nice we can even sit outside. So, next Saturday it is.


Nothing so grand as a full blown HODown, just show up if you want, but we will be there starting at noon.

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Great idea… Hope to join you!

Man I have never seen a worse web site in my life. Anyway it sounds interesting! I think I’ll try to make my way over, always good to have an excuse to be in New Brunswick.

The day before Easter? Sadly I will be doing way too much prep work for Easter to be able to sneak away and say hello. New Brunswick is too far for me to even consider taking a ride over. Please do enjoy and I hope you have plenty of company!!

Michelle and I are coming. Are we meeting at 12?

@BossaNova Glad you two will be joining us. Yes, let’s meet at 12.

@NotJrvedivici Won’t be the same without you buddy.

@joonjoon @CurlzNJ Hope you’ll come eat lots of little sandwiches (check the menu - 55 diff ones) and drink with us.

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@joonjoon Website looks fine to me. What’s wrong with it? Looks pretty nice too.

I just got a chance to check out the menu… whew! Looks awesome. Bocadillo and Tapas.

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Somehow I feel like I’d be cheating if I ate a sandwich that wasn’t a White Rose burger when I’m in that area. But they look pretty tasty.

@CurlzNJ have you been to White Rose? We should stop in for a bite regardless.

@yuppicide there were too many moving elements in the menu navigation, I could never just get to where I wanted to go. Maybe it’s just me…

I haven’t been to the System since my days at RU, but YAAAAAAAAAS. Looks like I’m in for Saturday…

The menu looks like fun but unfortunately, we won’t be able to make it. I have to work. I can’t wait to hear the report.

Should be a nice lunch.

@joonjoon I had the Ibiza salad there once and it was very good. So you don’t have to eat the little sandwiches.

@CurlzNJ Glad to have you on board. You coming alone?

@yuppicide They do a nice job of making me think I might be back in Barcelona, although nobody speaks Catalan.

See everyone who wants to join in at noon tomorrow.

Looking forward to it! I’m coming solo…

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OMG! First our friends who wanted to have a nice lunch with some of our foodie friends cancels. Then @CurlzNJ texts me this morning to say she can’t come. And @joonjoon is probably still asleep now much less at noon. Finally Lady Seal thought we were doing dinner and made a hair appointment and we were going to be late. I had no way of contacting @BossaNova to let he and @MishyPoo know we would be late AAAAARRRGGGHH!

But then I finally parked the car and walked six blocks to the restaurant and the most wonderful thing happened …
We had a great time. Just the four of us polished off two big pitchers of a really good red sangria, ate fifteen little sandwiches, the ibiza salad, and the paella of the day. We talked and laughed and had a really nice long lunch.

No pictures will ever be forthcoming from this event as you just had to be there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It was a fun lunch with great people, lots of sangria and good food.

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Sorry I missed this, I was severely hung over and had gone to sleep at 6 in the morning. lol. Tell us more about the food! How were the sandwiches?

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I think White Rose is closed, probably almost a year now.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2