HO Group Dinner at Thai Ghang Waan [Springfield VA]

This is one of my favorite spicy Thai/Issan style places around. So let’s do Dinner! July 2 at 6pm. Please do not plan on attending if you cannot handle spicy. While I do not expect us to order all spicy foods, this is not the kind of place to not go full-on spicy. I hve to call the restaurant to see how many they can handle maximum.


If you’ve got room, I’d love to go. Spicy is not a problem for me. Given a choice between Thai hot and Lao hot, I always prefer Lao hot.

Jump in! Right now we are 4 so that is easy. I have to call them and find out the maximum size we can do.

In our many takeout meals there, we one time specified Thai Hot and it was something I have never dared to do again. And many Thai people who have seen me eat spicy say I eat spicier than they do.


I’m a tentative yes! Would love to have a meal with a bunch of chiliheads :hot_face:

You are in! Let us know if the tentative goes south.

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Well, I’ll defer to you. I’m fine with American spicy and Thai spicy.

Hi Dean: If you have space remaining, I’d love to dine with chili heads. I grow many super hots and have burnt my family out on hot foods. I’m not far from Springfield.


Looks like we are still good.

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Dean and Kay
{2 people not on HO}
FlemSnopes {Doug}
tcamp {Tamara}

At this point, I need to find outt how big a table they can handle.

Just bumping to both confirm and see if there are any new takers. We have 8 so far and a resy for 8 people but there might be room to expand the reservation.

I’m still in.


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Me too!

I am still in and looking forward to it.

I’m still in too

Thanks. See you at 6pm Sunday.

SIx of us had a very successful outing at Thai Ghang Waan and got to try an array of dishes that we otherwise might have missed out on. We had:

Five Starters
Som Tum Poo with pickled black crab
Spicy Liver Salad
Larb with ground pork and tripe
Goong Chae Num Pla (raw shrimp and garlic in special spicy sauce)
Plus one I’ve forgotten - please help me out here.

Three Main Dishes
Ba Mee Haeng (egg noodles with fish balls)
Crispy Mussels Crepe
Meatballs, green peppercorns, bamboo shoots in spicy sauce
(it’s the final dish on the authentic part of the menu, but I don’ remember the name.)

Plenty of deliciousness going around especially with the raw shrimp dish with a killer sauce, the softness of the liver, sucking on the black crab, and the tasty, kicky sauce with the meatballs. The egg noodles were al dente, so a nice touch.

It’s an exciting menu that delivers on all counts. Thanks to Dean for organizing!


I think (but am not sure) that the meatballs are called “Look Chin Ping” on the menu.

I think the missing dish was the oyster salad, off the daily specials menu.

My only regret about the meal is that I somehow managed to serve myself no crab from the Som Tum Poo. But that’s an oversight easily and cheaply corrected. I was just blown away by the bill. With tip, it was only $25 per person (there were six of us). There can’t be a better bargain in the DC area.

Toward the end of the meal, the owner came out and asked us who had ordered such an authentic Thai meal. The correct answer was Steve and Dean.

Thai Ghang Waan is immediately going onto my short list of restaurants for repeat visits.


Quite good food. Everything was fresh and simple, loaded with flavors. Nothing was ordered spicy. In fact, the one dish with a spice level specified was medium. The group was fun and the conversations raged on all meal and continued on the sidewalk after we exited.

I loved the ouster salad and the mussel crepe. Both are dishes I never get to order when it is just Kay and I as they are very assertive. But at a larger table with many dishes, they are just perfect. The pork liver salad was another example. Theirs had the liver nicely seared but stopped short of any dryness. The oyster salad was chock full of lemongrass and the oysters plump. This was a very briny dish. The mussel crepe was crispy with nice pieces of the mussel. There was a dipping sauce for it that was OK. Next time I would have gotten the chiles in vinegar they make.

The Som Tum Poo with the added house shrimp paste was very good. The black crab was small but cut to expose the heart meat. You just sort of crushed the shell and chewed to get the sweet meat and juice out.

I liked the meatballs with the green peppercorns and the fish ball noodles but by then was getting pretty full.

I agree the raw shrimp salad was a standout. The shrimp were high quality and they made a paste of garlic, lemongrass, ginger, perhaps galangal, green onion, and shallot to form a wet paste slathered atop the shrimp.

This used to be our go-to Thai takeout during the pandemic and we have never dined in until a few weeks ago. Ironic that it took a move to Baltimore to actually enjoy the nice people serving us. They were cranking on a Sunday night. People were waiting for tables when we finished. And being complemented on our ordering is always n added bonus.