HO-down this Saturday!! Westchester, NY

Hi everyone - we are excited! The HO-down is this Saturday, April 1 at noon at Village Social in Mt. Kisco. Who’s definitely coming?

Count me in! (Unless an emergency comes up - with three kids, I’ve become a true realist!) Looking forward to it! Should I hold a sign that says, “I’m here for the HO-Down?” :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there! Looking forward to meeting you all!

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So how will we know the fellow HO-downers? (Should I wear my “Legalize Marinara” shirt from The Parlor?) LOL! Excited for tomorrow at noon!

It may just be the four of us!!! When we get a table we will tell them hungry onion, so when you come in, ask for that. We sent you a message too

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