[Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam] an early breakfast at Phở Phượng 25

We didn’t eat a lot of pho on this trip, so we told ourselves, for the limited time we had, we better choose the best one.

Phở Phượng 25 didn’t disappoint. We seemed to be the only tourists around that morning. We arrived around 7:20am They instantly gave us our seats and handed us the menu in English. We were seated outdoors with long tables and stools.

I chose tai, gau and gan (rare steak, fat brisket and tendons) I should have ordered the ox-tail soup too! But we planned to have an early lunch around 11am. Husband ordered also a medium bowl with rare steak, skirk flank and well done brisket. Since I like more intense taste, I didn’t find the fat brisket too oily, it was just right. It was the first time that I see you can have a vast choice of ingredients.

The soup is rich with a well balance of meat, sweetness and not too overwhelmed with spice. Very good indeed.
We also like the cold coffee.

While waiting for our soups to arrive, I saw they have a vast clientele: from Vietnamese arriving with expansive cars, or humble locals to the slightly dressed up office workers. That morning we didn’t see any tourists except us. Service was fine, a lady was ordering around everybody to work, tried to find someone to speak English to us, she even chased some clients finishing so we could have our seats (no wonder why, we paid much more than the locals!)

Phở Phượng 25
25 Hoàng Sa,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

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