Hitachino Nest Beer to Open Japanese Izakaya in the Tendernob [San Francisco]


45 seats plus 10 seat bar. What a tough table that’ll be.

Seems a big place. I’ve been to their brewery (Kiuchi) in Japan, and their bar and soba restaurant as well. All those 3 places are very small though.

The expats shun Kiuchi brewery mostly due to their focus on the export market, IIRC. As a tourist I enjoyed their beers and had a nice experience visiting their beautiful brewery.

Who knows. Mikkeller can be tough to get into and it’s about the same size. Anyway, looking forward to trying. Last time I was in Mensho, in the same vicinity, 50 minutes after ordering I still had no food, so left. Hopefully hitachino will be faster. Lately I’ve been going to izakaya nojo in Hayes valley, their tomato paitan is not bad and they have a decent nanban. With about 40 seats people were waiting in line on a Sunday.

Mikkeller seats 80, not counting the downstairs sour room, including 30 at the bar.

The 10 location-specific beers on tap at Hitachino are likely to be a landmark in beer one upmanship, a magnet for every touring beer nut in the world.

I guess it’ll be crowded then. I wonder whether they’ll offer any cask ales