I’ve gotten two notifications recently in the form of little blue numbers tacked onto my avatar in the upper right corner of the screen. When I click on my avatar and get a drop-down list of the posts/threads I’m being notified about, these items on the list are, apparently, edits: a poster’s handle preceded by the “pencil” icon, as opposed to an alarm bell icon or a fork-and-knife icon or a reply icon. Clicking on that item brings up a pop-up box titled “History” that never actually loads anything, just keeps spinning. Not to mention, the HO member indicated in those notifications hasn’t even posted on the thread in question. I presume this is supposed to be something, but it obviously needs to be fixed.


I’ve had the same thing happen .

I thought it meant the original “opening” post was edited??

I could be wrong, though.

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If that’s what it’s supposed to mean, it’s not working. In both cases I’ve seen recently, the name of the poster indicated in the notification has never posted in the thread at all, much less being the original poster.

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An editor to your post doesn’t necessarily mean they have posted on the topic, just that they edited your post. Could sometimes be a moderator moving posts around, adding tags, for example.


Maybe that’s what it is. In fact, you are the person indicated as the editor of whatever topic it was (two times). Still, the issue of the never-loading “History” pop-up window remains. I’m not sure what is supposed to show up in that pop-up, but it never loads.

This has happened to me a couple of times, also. The last time, couple of months ago, I happened to click on the ‘home’ page, where the categories are, not the ‘latest’ page One of the three pictures at the top was one of my pictures from a recent post. A notification popped up again in a day or so, I looked and my picture was gone.

As I recall when that feature was announced it was the software doing it. So your post was ‘edited,’ not by a human?, but by one of the REAL powers that be :exploding_head:

Yep, when we feature posts on the site front page, it requires adding a tag to make it happen. And when we don’t feature the posts any more, it requires removing the tag. Thus two edits around the tags.