Historical Timeline of Santa Maria Style Barbecue

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When I read about tri tip being hard to find in other parts of the country, I can’t imagine what that might be like! I guess its hard to get some things here too. Is tri tip (or whatever its called elsewhere, still hard to come by in many places?

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I believe they do cut meat differently in other parts of the country.

I’ve never seen it in Canada. I’ve only had it in California.

Michael David Winery’s Farm Café in Lodi used to make a nice tri tip sandwich. Haven’t been in ages, might not be on the current menu.

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Found this list of other names for a Tri Tip:
California cut
Bottom sirloin tip
Triangle cut
Bottom sirloin primal cut
Santa Maria cut
Newport steak
Bürgermeisterstück (Germany)
Aiguillette baronne
Rabillo de cadera* (Spain)
Punta de Solomo* (Central American countries)
Punta de picaña* (Argentina)
Picaña* (Mexico)