Hiring servers, cake recommendations? - Aberdeen, NJ

Not exactly dining related so please delete if this doesn’t fit, but this is a good group to solicit. I am planning my baby’s 1st bday party in May which is quickly spiraling out of control. Has anyone used a service to hire staff for the day? Any recommendations? I’m in Aberdeen.

And - I read the thread on bakeries but any tips on cake? I’ve never been blown away by bakery cakes.

You have to come to France, the cakes are amazing in terms of visual (and the price too).

I might be of some help depending what cakes you want to bake. (In this case, do you mind starting another thread on cakes in “Baking”?) But for a big event, ordering a special cake is less stressful, many things can go wrong if you haven’t make the cake before to test out.

I would love to somehow be in a position to fly to France for a custom cake! That would be so fancy!

I am absolutely not baking my own cake for this unless it is from a box. My attempts at cakes from scratch have never been better than a box. Maybe I will just do that and a couple trays of brownies/cookies.

I’m not familiar with any staffing service just for private party staffing. Any that I know are associated with a catering company, from reading your post I’m assuming you are doing the cooking / catering and just want servers?

Honestly I would just talk to the owner / manager of your favorite restaurant and ask them if they can spare some good people. Probably cheaper and you might be able to get some people you know.

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How about tarts, it is relatively easy, citrus tarts especially lemons or lime are all-time hits. Rhubarb tarts can be good too. Of course there is the classic chocolate tarts. May is maybe a bit early for good strawberries and red fruits.

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Yeah, this party WAS going to be a simple couple of trays of food thing. But it is evolving with more people… I found a service called Servers 4 Hire that I might call. I also like your idea. Thanks!

Oh yum. I might want to make that just for myself :slight_smile:

You could do make-your-own cannoli. Supply shells, fillings, toppings. Contact La Rosa’s bakery in Shrewsbury. You could try them for cake too. They did my wedding cake. Granted it was 27 years ago, but the bakery remains in the same family.

The Costco full sheet cake is hands down the best cake in our area, can be customized with two days advance order, and at $ 18.99 will serve 30-40 people.

Those cakes are freaking deelishus.

Costco also has lots of appetizers in quantity (mini quiche, spannokopita, taquitos, pot stickers, meatballs) that you can just warm up plus cold cuts, cheeses and breads, if you don’t feel like springing for a caterer.

Excellent. Thanks! Costco is a great idea for the cake!

We are getting tacos catered but I’ll probably pick up a few other things from Costco.

Agree with @VikingKaj about Costco cakes; I’m always pleasantly surprised when I have one (although I prefer whipped cream over butter cream)…

If you want to add to your expenses, I have friends who have had their custom cakes done by La Dolce Bakery http://ladolcenj.com and they’re amaaaaaaazing. But $$$ (I suspect).

The only other rec I have is Cravings in Allenhurst; haven’t had ANYTHING bad from there yet!

I was going to suggest La Dolce. While I haven’t had any of their custom cakes, everything else I’ve had from them has been seriously delicious. Plus, they are the nicest people.

@RGR thanks for the recommendation! I will have to drive over there to sample :slight_smile:

You’re most welcome, @gracieggg! I just remembered that I did a blog post about La Dolce in 2012. And here’s a link to the related photo set.

I also occurred to me that you don’t have to travel to France for a French bakery because there’s Antoinette Boulangerie, in Red Bank. I’ve only been there once, but the sweets I took home were fabulous. (It was hard to choose since everything in the cases had my mouth watering.) They do custom cakes, so you might want to check them out.

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This. Been there many, in fact, too many times and they always deliver. They do large cakes too.

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@seal oh I LOVE Antoniette’s. Holy moly. I bet that cake would be $$$ but SO good. I wonder if I can convince my husband ha!!!

Perhaps they’d be willing to make a cake for a price that fits your budget. Certainly worth calling to ask.

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