Himalaya - Fried Chicken? Houston

Introducing the new Best Fried Chicken in Houston. And it’s at, of all places, Himalaya. It’s not on the menu…yet. I saw it on an Instagram photo a few weeks ago and when the group suggested a lunch outing I remembered, and ordered. An order is 8 pieces, a whole chicken. A wing was on the lunch plate he serves each day.

Owner Kaiser came by to see how we liked it and to make sure we ate it all. He’s very proud of it. The marinade takes 3 hours…just to make. Then the chicken marinates for a long time. This chicken is deeply spiced and very tasty. The crust is also spiced and nicely crunchy. The vegetarian at the table could not resist a taste. The whole crown thinks it beats BBQ Inn.

We also ordered all our favorites and carried out a lot of leftovers. Several people go for the steak tikka which is a very tender flavorful steak served in four portions. I myself love the chicken or paneer Hara Masala, a delicious and very spicy green pepper sauce - not bell peppers, small very hot peppers. The garlic naan is also delicious, though I like London Sizzler’s Bullet Naan (garlic and peppers) better. I can’t say that though because these people won’t hear of any better Indian food than Himalaya. And it is amazing. We have better Indian food right here in Houston that any other place I’ve eaten it, though I haven’t been to India! :grinning:

Himalaya Menu

If you find yourself hungry and near Hillcroft @ SW Frwy, give it a try.


Went to Himalaya today to share some of this chicken, and the table next to us got the last one 1/2 hour after opening! Kaiser recommended his tandoori whole chicken cut up, marinated in the same spices as the fried, so we got that. It was very good, but not as good as the fried IMO, though much healthier. His massive chicken fried steak is only served at dinner. Besides the chicken which arrived later, here was the lunch line up:

From Top, clockwise:

garlic naan, goat haleel (board special today), dal fry (vegan), saag paneer (bottom right), chicken hara masala (my total fav, hot green chili sauce), Bindhi masala (okra) and steak tikka.

All favorites we have ordered before, other than the goat. This place will put you in a good mood. Get there early or late, they jam at lunch hour, and the staff will want you to get the lunch tray special to speed it up. I haven’t gotten that before though it looks amazing, because everyone in my group has a favorite dish. One person who missed this lunch would have ordered the Hunter’s Beef Plate which is a pile of pastrami served with a “magic mustard sauce” that is delicious.

Anthony Bourdain was here a year ago this week. Cooincidentally (or maybe not) AB ordered this according to Kaiser:






DAYUMMMM! My mouth and eyes are watering just looking at that.

Never had the goat haleem - wait a min - I don’t think I’ve ever had any haleem there, but have heard about it. But everything looks awesome. Fried chicken must be unbelievable if it’s worth ordering over all that.

I have frequently had the lunch special because you get a variety of dishes which is the best way to experience Indian or Paki food, I think.

These Houston threads are killing me !!!


We had an on-again-off-again vegan with us, he ordered the okra and dal. That okra was outstanding. The steak tikka is so tender. You must try the fried chicken when it’s available.

I know some of you watch the Daytripper, even though it’s on at a weird time in Houston (11 p.m. Wednesdays PBS). This week’s was in Houston again and I loved it! I learned about some new things - except about that dum Orange House that just has to appear in every show about Houston along with the dum Beer Can House - can we just move on from those? At least he funnied it up with a orange man costume.

He went to a restaurant I’ve not heard of that looks pretty quaint, the Nickel Sandwich Grill.

He also went to Himalaya and gorged on biryani, my favorite chicken hara masala, and garlic naan.

Ya’ll can watch on the link above.

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I record the series on dvr and was waiting for the Wifeacita’s return from her semi-annual pilgrimage to the Valley. I’m going to watch it and save it for her.

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I just watched the episode and it was so good it’s going to my saved archives.

A trip to the Nickel and the Nickel Sandwich Grill will be in order. I checked out some Yelp reviews and the opinion of some veteran Yelpers was very positive. The smoky burger was a favorite along with catfish. The bbq looked good, indeed a couple from Amarillo posted a photo of some ribs today.

Bonus, it’s just down the street from Burt’s Meat Market, think beef tips, gumbo, and sweet potatoes to go only.

Double bonus, the Fifth Ward has the best railroad activity in the city so with my love of trains I’ve been many times.


One of the best for sure! Assuming we are not prejudiced in favor of H-town!

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Another bonus, after the episode I saw that the Foo Fighters will be on at 10 tonight. Wifeacita loves them so I recorded it as I love to please. Happy wife, happy life.


A feature on NPR’s The Salt - What’s on your plate

Audio, too, from this weekend’s Weekend Edition.

I saw this, if I could get there more, I would! It’s hard to get that fried chicken, he only makes so much and then it’s gone.