Hillsborough, NC - Bacon's Meat Market opened!

This market located on N. Churton Street, a block or so south of hwy 70, has been a long time in the making. They had originally been planning to open in the fall of 2015…Drove by tonight a little after 6 and saw they were open for business!

Seems to have a local focus with deli, meat and produce. I’ll try to stop in soon and give more details.

Not much online that I can find. The link to their facebook page is no longer active. But this gives a little info:


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I stopped in for a quick look the other day. Fresh meats looked good. Swordfish steaks, salmon (farmed from Scotland) filets, tail on shrimp and frog legs were in the seafood case. Maple View dairy products, Latta Farm eggs, and local canned items available.
Looks like they are baking their own sweets - lovely whole pies, a few cookies and granola carried Bacon’s label. Basic seasonal produce on hand. There is space for a deli but it’s not being used at the moment. The shelves aren’t packed so there is room for more items.

Staff was busy so I couldn’t ask questions. Hours were not posted but they were still open at 7:30 when I drove by Thursday. Place is clean, uncluttered and nicely maintained.

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My friends sister was visiting and did some shopping at Bacon’s. Over several days we had mahi-mahi, shrimp and “tenderrloin” steaks. The fish and shrimp looked and tasted quite fresh. The fish could have been scaled better (was already portioned and wrapped so no idea if they scale it there). The beef was very tender and flavorful.

From her description it sounds as though the shelves are a bit fuller.

Still have been unable to see their hours from the street.

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