Hill Country BBQ did it right on Father's Day...

After a Father’s Day walk on the High Line and a visit to the new Whitney Museum we got real hungry, so we made our way over the Hill Country BBQ and had a feast. Ribs, brisket, spicy sausage with sides of baked beans, collard greens, mac & cheese, coleslaw, sweet potatoes and slices of white bread. The family really enjoyed it! The servers and prep staff could not have been nicer. We got there around 5 pm and just missed the crowd to follow…
Any recent BBQ experiences?

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Yes both good and bad but in Dutchess and Rockland and counties.

That sounds like such a wonderful father’s day!
I actually went to dinosaur bbq in harlem with friends a month or so ago- and as a vegetarian I can’t say it was my favorite dining experience- but some very good friends were here visiting. I can say that the fried green tomatoes are wonderful, and i was greatful they offer a smoked portobello platter which was delicious, although enough food it last me another two meals.
My friends ordered one of the rediculous sampler platters and that was enough to feed a small army! From what i could tell the ribs were their favorite, as well as the pile of wings they ordered to start- and our omni friend who does live here went home with a ton of leftovers. I felt like the coleslaw was nothing special, but that’s not really why you go there…

We went to Hill Country many times in its early days but have not been there in ages. The brisket, Kreuz sausage, and whole Cornish hen were terrific, but with the exception of the sweet potato mash and the pickles, I didn’t love the sides. There was also an excellent Red Velvet cake. I’d heard that things have gone downhill, so it’s good to have a positive report. Maybe we’ll give it another try.

We went to Mighty Quinn’s flagship right after it opened. The brisket, ribs, and sides were all excellent. But that was a couple of years ago, so we definitely need to go back.

We’ve been to Blue Smoke countless times for dinner, lunch, and brunch (the original location on 27th St. is a few blocks from our apartment). The baby back ribs have always been very good, but I thought the brisket we had recently was too dry. The burger is not exactly too shabby. Sides are great. When current E.C. Jean-Pau Bourgeois took over from Kenny Callaghan, he made substantial changes to the menu. The best change, imo, is the addition of fried chicken. Outstanding! it’s now our favorite thing to have there. Desserts have always been and remain delicious. We especially like the Key Lime pie.

Our most recent bbq experiences have been in NJ as two new spots have opened in proximity to our house.

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