High quality Sushi take-out from " Cho-San Sushi, Markham " ( Woodbine south of Hwy#7 )

Trying out some high quality take-out sushi from " Cho-San Sushi, Markham ".

Omakase Sushi box that includes 15 Nigiri and 1 Hand Roll ( $105 )

Selection de Jour for Neta includes:
Kanpachi ( Amber Jack ), Tai ( Sea Bream ), Kame Dai ( Alfonsino ), Shima-Aji ( Skip Jack ), Aji ( Horse Mackerel ), Sake ( Salmon ) Chu-Toro (medium Tuna belly ), Toro ( Blue-fin Tuna Belly ), Botan Ebi ( Botan Shrimp ), Mirugai ( BC Geoduck Clam ), Ikura ( Salmon Roe ), Uni ( Hokkaido Bofan Sea Urchin ), Hotate ( Hokkaido Diver Scallops ), Anago ( Sea Eel ) Kawahagi ( Trigger Fish )
Tuna Hand-roll with roasted Nori
Freshly grated Wasabi, house pickled ginger and house brewed soy-sauce


Looking from the pictures, is this a takeout place only? Personally I’ve not had good experiences with takeout sushi as they don’t travel well.

Yes!..and according to the time you provided them, to maximize freshness, they only make the nigiri just prior to your arrival pick-up.
IMO, Cho-San’s version does travel quite well…but needless to say, if one would like to compare quality of piece-by-piece serving at bar counter of sushi-ya, then of course the temperature, seasoning and may be texture of the take-out shari and neta might fell a bit short. However, if one would like to avoid the crowds and mask-less patrons in sit down places and opt for take-outs instead, then this place provides one of the better option in town…beggers cannot be choosers.

That’s quite pricey Charles IMO. I have been advocating the Kibo Secret garden Set for a while now. Also worth mentioning here is Oroshi (A takeout only spot) I have been meaning to try them but they sometimes stop taking orders and start service late. Pics look pretty good.
Here is a link they also to UberEats but one has to pay a premium

Based on the types and freshness of fish and seafood they used for the Neta…including but not limited to…top-grade Bluefin O-Toro, Hokkaido Bofun Uni ( $250 a tray at Taro! ), Mirugai * ( $60 per lb, heavy shell included ) Kawahagi ( pretty rare )…etc, IMO, the price point is justified. Even the toasted Nori sheet used for the Toro-Maki was perfectly crisp by the time we brought it home ( 20 minutes drive ).
Main thing is, we all enjoyed the products and at the same time managed to support a small neighbourhood business during this tough times!

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Good to hear Charles about the selection you got. I agree that Sushi doesn’t travel well. I have had good results though with Kibo Secret Garden as its not even a 10 min walk from moi. Will share results if I try Oroshi.

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True, we’ve been too used to just-in-time preparation pre-pandemic. I wonder if Cho San will need to adapt as places open back up. Out of curiousity, what is your travel time to Cho San? My travel time to Zen is 20-25 mins and I found the raw fish lacking even in the cold of winter.

Hey Elvis, is this Kibo Secret Garden related to the other Kibo chains around town? I tried two Kibos (not Secret Garden) and they were pretty bad.

Yeah but it’s their high end offering and has a completely different menu and quality of ingredients.

About 20 minutes or less. However, we usually take food to our son’s place which is only 15 minutes or less away.

Cho San sushi is really reasonably priced for the quality and designed to somehow travel better than any sushi take out I have ever got in Toronto

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Yes! Arrival products’ quality better than nearby Zen and Taro.