High apv IPA?

why Is high alcohol percentage IPA beer scarce and difficult to find?

Where I am (NYC), it’s not. Maybe this is specific to your geographical area.

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I’m in CT which shouldn’t be different than NY. I’ve asked and one answer is that most beer drinkers aren’t interested in high apv beer.

Lots of high abv brews in westchester county ny.

Dogfish head makes high alcohol ipa and they sell nationwide. Try their 90 minute ipa.

Stone is another nation wide brewery from socal.

Have you seen (or tried) the dogfish 75 min IPA? I picked up a 6 pack last week and really liked it. The 90 is a bit too much for me but the 75 was perfect on my hop scale.

What do you consider high?
What’s the law in Connecticut say?

I am new to liking beer so pretty well uninformed. I didn’t know states had laws on apv. I would like to find it in the 10-12% apv range.

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Oh, THAT high. Yeah, they’re not so easy to find, especially retail. In Manhattan, we have Top Hops, which has a very wide selection for both purchase and on-site drinking. Perhaps there’s something similar near you.

Lots of APV or ABV, IPA’s up in Wa. State, some double IPA’s. We have pretty liberal liquor laws, but not much of a beer drinker myself.

My former boss and I, along with our respective husbands went beer tasting at a local craft brewery, in advance of a company holiday party.
Good lord, did that stuff hit, and hard. More potent than champagne IMO. We also saw the effects of it a couple weeks later at the holiday party. Funny the boss went with it, as she was ultra conservative, at least when it came to employees over consuming…

Yes I’ve had too many dogfish beers than I can count.

Have you tried the 120 minute? That is some intense stuff!

I don’t think I’ve ever had that one. I’ll need to keep an eye out. I used to be in a beer club at a former job which was a really fun way to try beers without committing to a full 6 pack. We had one woman who brewed her own and it was actually really tasty. That kind of thing would be frowned upon and logistically difficult at my current job, sadly.

Is there a reason the 120 minute is produced in limited quantities?

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It is very hard to brew. They are pushing the ingredients to the edge. Some years they ruin it and don’t release it. You drink it like a whiskey and sip on it.

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