Hidden Gems, Midwest

Since Covid I’ve been exploring restaurants in the USA and found some wonderful small places, like Nook in Madison, WI. A fabulous dining experiences. I’d love to get suggestions from anyone else who has a great dining experience to share. Thanks!

L’ Etoille in Madison is one of my favorite restaurants in the US. Ask for Wisconsin cheeese plate - may or may not be on the menu. Not particularly small, though, nor hidden, as it’s right on the capital square.

A real hidden gem is Krabloonik near Aspen. It’s a dog sledding place, but also has a restaurant that serves some of the most amazing game (elk, venison…) I’ve ever had.


Thanks! Did get to L’ Etoile when we visited and it was wonderful too. I’ll have to check out Krabloonik.

Thanks! That’s a lot of information!