Hibachi Catering

Anyone do hibachi at home yet? Saw all these videos online (especially Instagram) and decided to give it a try because we are always hosting fun parties at home.

We did the Hibachi party in Seattle with a company called Let’s Hibachi.

They have been around for a few years but new to Seattle and seemed the most reputable and fun from what we could find.

If your not familar with the concept they bring a professional hibachi chef to your house for parties and feed and entertain everyone. Think of Benihana but turned up to 11!

Here are a few pics of our experience. Everyone including kids, parents and yes even teenagers had a great time.

Heres a few pics.

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We had one like this at home, when I was growing up in the 70’s.


I had one of those in the 70s. It was tiny. I used it once in my fireplace!

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Strictly speaking, this is a hibachi. Well, of a sort. A hibachi in Japan is a vessel for burning charcoal. I think traditionally it was clay, but in modern times iron is common. And it wasn’t really used for cooking, but for heating.

The flat iron grill is called a ‘teppan’ in Japanese, which means “flat iron grill”, and the cooking method is called ‘teppanyaki’. For some reason, it has become known as a hibachi in the US.


That’s what I was thinking when I posted how I thought of a hibachi. How strange to name a business after a term I remember from the 70’s. :thinking:

We have a teppanyaki joint in town. Similar to Benihana’s chain. I have a small hibachi on my deck. It’s been in my family for at least 68+ years. I use charcoal in it, when I use it. The parents used briquets. I remember the kitties licking the grill top after it had cooled.