Hey Entenmann's - Where's the Cheese

Seriously, do you consider this a cheese danish twist? Anyone else notice things like this?

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Good investigative reporting, Gwenn. I used to be a fan but have not tried their product in years…

I miss Dugan’s!

That looks kinda…sad. And like it’s very fluffy and airy for a so called danish. Hhm.

I remember that there was a definite layer of cheese running almost the entire width and length of the cake. It was sort of in the shape of the number 8, as a kid I would sometimes remove the cheese and eat itseparately … the danish would still maintain its shape even with the cheese removed, and it tasted good too… usually it was the raspberry cheese

This tasted awful, actually. I was in the mood for a cheese danish and they seem to be too old fashioned for bakeries in my area so I went for the Entenmann’s. Sheesh! Lousy. There is one bakery in my area that does cheese danish cakes but they don’t put a whole lot of cheese in them either. Not as bad as Entenmann’s though!

Entenmann’s tastes like chemicals to me … nothing else
speaking of bakeries, do you remember a bakery on Fordham rd.
a couple of blocks east of Loehmann’s that made and sold crumb cake tops?

Yes - I miss old fashioned bakeries. A good 7 later with light chocolate cream in the middle… good black and whites…ahhhhhhhhhhhh. All entenmann’s taste the same.