Hershey's Vegan: Anyone willing to try it?

I’m not a big fan of Hershey’s (though I’ll admit to the occasional peanut butter cup fix), but I can’t see paying more for a product that seemingly just substitutes oat milk for cow milk.

Any HOs willing to take one for the team?

I’ll probably try one, because I’m a sucker for that sort of shit.

Of course, the real question is: apart from milk chocolate, isn’t most chocolate vegan? Peanut butter should also be incidentally vegan too, no?

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Not necessarily.

Many commercial PB contain either honey or gelatin, or both. Also, depending on how technical you want to get, lots of commercial PB contain refined white sugar, which is generally processed with bone char.

Interesting. I generally buy peanut butter whose only ingredient is peanuts. But if I’m baking with peanut butter I use the more processed version (which is what most recipes are written for).

Oddly enough, I do the exact opposite.

My peanutbutter of choice for sandwiches and such is JIF, which is not even close to ‘natural’. But if I’m making PB cookies (or almond cookies), I’m almost certainly using a 100% peanuts peanut butter (or 100% almonds almond butter) maybe with salt. Otherwise things come out REALLY over-sweet.

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I find the consistency is off when I bake with all natural PB. And besides, they’re cookies, they’re supposed to be sweet.

Generally if I’m eating PB, it’s on a muffin for breakfast, and I’m not a big fan of sweet at breakfast.

Only natural PB for me, usually Smuckers/LauraScudders, or I make my own in the Vitamix. Never been a problem with anything I bake/cook/prepare with it.

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