Here's why you can't find an appliance repair person these days

And you can’t find new appliances too!


Interesting @sck - thanks for the post.


“We had to do dishes by hand, and it proved to be too much for the family to handle,” McCarthy said.

What weenies. Then all the environmental damage of going to single-use products.

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Indeed. Isn’t the whole reason we have kids is to have them do the dishes?


Or, to provide us with tech support! Didn’t happen…


… mow the lawn, clean the gutters, weed gardens, sweep gravel back into the driveway, do laundry, …


They are too busy with the phones that we bought for them.


Haha, yes exactly! :upside_down_face:

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That’s reminding of the cell phone commercial with Chris Rock .

“Remember when I told you to clean your room?!” he demands, head whipping around to face his daughter. According to Muse by Clio "This is the kind of cameo people of a certain age get excited about, like when Will Smith plays alongside his son, or Beyoncé features Blue Ivy in a music video. "

Cue video. Long (1 minute 30 seconds) version.


So interesting.

FWIW, we have been well-served by buying our home appliances from an independent appliance dealer that services what they sell.

The independent dealer was able to track down a part (pump) for our aged washer when it died this summer. Our model is no longer sold in the US and the distributor had only two of the part we needed in stock. Thanks to resourcefulness and savvy scheduling on part of the appliance dealer, we had a working washer one week later.

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Thanks for sharing.

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Truth! I had to buy a new fridge for my rental apartment recently and my tenant had to wait over 6 weeks for it. I bought her a mini to use in the meantime (plenty of those since so many kids stayed home from college), but it was still a long time to wait. BTW, of all the places I checked, Costco had some of the shortest lead times (and best prices).

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