Here we go again: Westchester Mag's 'Best of Westchester'

The July issue of Westchester Magazine contains their annual ‘Best of Westchester’ designations and, as in the past, it is a mix of the usual suspects and new food and dining options that have come on the scene. I agree with some, not with others. But that’s the way it goes. It has become a highly successful promotion by publisher Ralph Martinelli culminating with their annual ‘Best of Westchester’ shindig held on July 26th at the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle. What’s your vote?
Check it out:

The link is to a nonexistent page. Here is the correct link:

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One of the BOW winners was Savor at The Westchester. While I like what they are trying to accomplish there, it is hardly finished. This is more of a wait-and-see…

Yes, at least one of the places they listed at Savor isn’t even open yet. They do have a place in NYC so I guess it was based on that. On the other hand, there really wasn’t much competition in that category.

So many of the categories seem made up so they have more places that will pay to participate in the aforementioned event. I went to it once and found it way too crowded for my liking, both driving into the area and once inside.

Anyone attend the ‘Best of Westchester’ party yesterday at Glen Island? How was the food service. Anything interesting in the mix? It certainly was a beautiful day for it…

Westchester Magazine is a pay to play publication. Puff pieces all around. If you don’t advertise, they don’t write about you. And they never write anything but good reviews. I was offered the job as head writer and “reviewer” back around 2010 and in the interview with the editor was explicitly told this. I told them I wrote it, how I saw it. Nothing else. And turned down the offer.

Mr. Bill’s comment shows that. They reviewed a place that wasn’t even open yet. Possibly on the strength of a similar place in NYC? Total nonsense. Impossible to compare a place in the City, to one that hasn’t even opened yet, in Westchester.

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I totally agree. I always take their reviews with a major grain of salt! And not only restaurant reviews.

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