Here is a new restaurant I can assure you I will NEVER be dining at......

(Junior) #1

I honestly fail to see the allure of this, even as a novelty I don’t get it on any level.

(John Hartley) #2

Me neither. But I suspect that neither of us are nudists

(Junior) #3

While I’m certainly not a nudist, I would be guilty of not always wearing pants while I’m online. (full disclosure)

(kg) #4

I’m sure Parisians will thank you :smirk:


Like I’m not nervous enough about spilling hot soup in my lap.


Ha ha. "A schlemiel is one who always spills his soup; a schlimazel is the one on whom it always lands. "


Yep, which makes me a schlemieliazel. Only advanced Yiddish speakers should attempt to pronounce that word.


FYI, the English got it first. :grin:


Not sure the restaurant will work in the long run. Actually I think nudists may prefer to eat in the nature?! Recently they were granted a spot in the wood near Paris.


If I’m eating nude the food choices are somewhat limited and the company and location even more so.

Naked fondue any one? :blush: ouch!