Henry Perry, the KC BBQ King 👑


Came up in my feed and I thought you cool food dudes and dudettes might enjoy this
Social Influencer, as they’re called these days.


Oh boy. He was from Memphis.


Indeed! Rode the riverboat to KC.
And the Bryant brothers, who worked for Perry and then bought the joint, were from Texas. The synthesis of those 2 regions plus the Appalachian/Ozarks hillbilly influence pretty much constitutes the KC BBQ style.
Smoke anything and everything over an oak/ hickory mix.

(Jimmy ) #4

Terrific read.

It’s amazing how happenstance, in this case Henry Perry settling in KC–and no where else, so often becomes a foundation for a cultural phenomena.


KC’s orientation has always been South and West. Where folks got off the boat and onto the wagon to head out on the trails.

And where the stockyards were .
Meat worship!


Good article. I didn’t know mutton was on the menu. Interesting read.