Henry Perry, the KC BBQ King 👑

Came up in my feed and I thought you cool food dudes and dudettes might enjoy this
Social Influencer, as they’re called these days.


Oh boy. He was from Memphis.

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Indeed! Rode the riverboat to KC.
And the Bryant brothers, who worked for Perry and then bought the joint, were from Texas. The synthesis of those 2 regions plus the Appalachian/Ozarks hillbilly influence pretty much constitutes the KC BBQ style.
Smoke anything and everything over an oak/ hickory mix.


Terrific read.

It’s amazing how happenstance, in this case Henry Perry settling in KC–and no where else, so often becomes a foundation for a cultural phenomena.

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KC’s orientation has always been South and West. Where folks got off the boat and onto the wagon to head out on the trails.

And where the stockyards were .
Meat worship!


Good article. I didn’t know mutton was on the menu. Interesting read.

Hope there aren’t many fightin’ words in here:

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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