[Helsinki] Lappi Ravintola - Lapland style cuisine

Saw this place, sadly from the Bourdin’s no Reseravation Helsinki show (Season 8). This restaurant is situated in the centre of Helsinki, especially for people who want to have Lapland experience without stepping a foot there. Lapland is the largest and northernmost region of Finland.

Starter: Riimiporo salaattia, mustikka vinaigrette - Salad with reindeer carpaccio, blueberry vinaigrette 15 €

Starter: Kylmäsavulohitartar muikunmätikastike - Tartar of cold smoked salmon, whitebait roe sauce 14 €

Main: Riistalauta kahdelle, Paahdettua hirvenfileetä, paistettuja poromakkaroita, poron suavaspaistia, juuressärää, perunafondant sekä kermaista riistakastiketta - Lappish game selection for two: roasted elk, reindeer sausages, braised reindeer, winter vegetables and potato fondant with creamy game sauce 68 €

The waitress recommended this local long drink

Service was friendly and professional, the waitress dressed in the traditional costume (maybe too much for me, but I guess it was their concept to bring you the experience). She seated us at far end of a “log cabin” room but moved us to a window table when a couple left, maybe after 10 minutes. On the whole, the ingredients was of quality, the food was well cooked and tasty. There were many tourists, but I saw some local eating there too. If you are a carnivore and like game meat, this place is for you.

Husband got a beer and we were too full for desserts. 2 drinks, starters and mains 117.30 € for the whole meal.

Lappi Ravintola
Annankatu 22
00100 Helsinki

Reservation: lappires.com/en/homepage/