Help with nutritional yeast "cheese" sauce please.

Back in the day when I was vegan, I used to make a cheezy sauce with nutritional yeast that was really good. I’d use it in lieu of cheese on pizza, on baked potatoes, pasta, nachos etc.

I’ve lost my beloved recipe notebook from those days and have been trying to recreate it. Anyone have a great recipe?

I’ve started experimenting but my latest version is not vegan. It’s delicious but I’d like to have a vegan version as well. My current version contains butter and milk. I haven’t tried with just oil or a non-dairy milk. I have never used cashews but am open to doing so. I definitely want to keep nutritional yeast as a majour ingredient. I love the stuff!

Try this one:

I’ve made variations without the carrot for a white cheese sauce. Putting the potato in the blender makes it gooey like cheese.

This was is good, though “celtic sea salt” is pretentious. I cut back on the lemon

Heehee, I thought the filtered water was a bit much but I’m in an area with excellent water so I shouldn’t make fun.

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This sounds a lot like what you already make and like, just swap the butter for earth balance and use an unsweetened nondairy milk
Tweak it with whatever spices if you want but as is it’s good stuff.

If you want to make it thick like a dip vs a sauce you can add in some raw cashews that have been soaked overnight (drain first), will also add creamy mouthfeel, but after adding taste and see if it needs more nutritional yeast now.

This is my go-to vegan cheese sauce:

It is gooey and delicious! I’m not vegetarian, but I’m curious, so I made it after reading the article. I sub out coconut oil for the palm oil and I rarely use the pickle juice. It’s still great.

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe but haven’t since no shortening or palm oil in the house. But… I have tons of coconut oil so will try your version. Thanks!

The one from Veganomicon is good. It’s the only one I’ve tried though.

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