Help with name of a cookie from my past.

I’ve been trying to recall the name of a cookie I remember from years ago. Checked the cookie aisle at my local market today and did some Googling…… zilch so far. I’m not sure if they’re discontinued or still around.

As best I can recall they were thin and flat and, I think, they were possibly attached so you could separate them into sections to eat. Package was maybe 2.5” wide by 10” or so long and maybe3/4” thick. The cookies were filled with something like date or fig paste and the tops were brownish (like butter washed) and lattice looking (you could see the filling through the openings).

I may be misremembering parts of the above but, hopefully, someone will come up with a Googleable name. Thanks in advance.

Is this what you’re looking for?

I remember them as garibaldi cookies with a raisin filling.

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Not the cookie in the picture but I Googled Sunshine Golden Raisin Biscuits and that’s exactly them. Google came up with Crawford’s Garibaldi raisin biscuits. The picture for them, on Amazon, looks correct. Not quite as ‘latticed’ as I recalled, but that’s them. Haven’t yet found the history of how they became Crawford’s. Looks like they’re available through Walmart and World Market.



From the Vermont Country Store:

Not fig newtons. See posts above. They are now called Crawford’s Garibaldi Golden Raisin Biscuits. I think the name ‘Sunshine’ comes from the brand that probably used to make them before it went out of business or was bought out.


You’re responding to what is almost definitely a bot.

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Huh? Oh. I noticed maybe a dozen posts from “Vai101” this morning but each was written like a normal post and the ‘poster’ joined back in November. . Has AI software started generating random responses here? How can you tell?

Responding to old posts in ways very similar to what has already been posted. And in ways that are not quite right, like posting what looks like a Thanksgiving menu on a NYE thread. I could be wrong.


Maybe , they think they have something to add? The cookie in the U.S. was primarily sunshine raisin cookie. I think they were bought out by Keebler (old history and I’m not sure I recall the details correctly). Soon after, production was moved to Canada and the raisin cookie was stopped. I think the Garibaldi is English and more of an adult type cookie - less sweet and the outside less cookie-ish. I was always surprised that as “healthy” eating was being pushed, they didn’t re-introduce it (although it probably wasn’t any healthier)

A quick Google search indicates that this user name has registered for other food related sites within this same time period and engaged in the same pattern of info dump and no actual engagement with other users. URL links posted often direct to the same Wordpress site. So, either a bot or someone who is just registering and not engaging in the way one might typically expect? Is digital social pragmatics a thing?


Yep, Garibaldi seems to be the British name for them, and I think they have currants or sultanas in them rather than raisins. I definitely remember the Sunshine brand US version, because my mother would buy them and they were one of the few cookies that I hated as a child.

Curious as to the reasoning behind a bot doing this. Do they just do his on their own or does a human program them to do specific things? Usually things like that are to promote something, or that’s how it seems to be when I’ve clicked on random strange posts here.


The bot posts here have a word salad style of writing. Lots of words, nothing profound, but quite agreeable. Serve the chile rellenos with tomato sauce cracked me up.

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No idea! But maybe they’ll turn out to be an actual person and come back and explain. Doubtful, but, maybe! It does all seem to be connected, in some fashion, to a single Wordpress based site though.

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You might try an Asian store or Dutch store for their equivalent. I know I’ve seen a version in Canada at the regular grocery store but I’m not sure if they’re still being sold.

King Arthur mentions the Sunshine brand

British Garibaldi biscuits might work, too. Multiple brands.

You’re not wrong. I flagged the same thing this evening to mods after reading a few posts that were off. I definitely think it’s some kind of bot/AI.

@biondanonima seems others noticed it first…

That sounds about right, and I agree – the Garibaldis are not as sweet. I know that Keebler also bought the rights to another Sunshine brand – Hydrox. In their brief appearance under Keebler, they were called “Droxies”, or something similar, IIRC.

Speaking of which, I really miss Hydrox – Oreos were never as good, and when Leaf tried to bring Hydrox back, they were pretty weak compared to the originals. The closest I’ve found (and it’s not that close), is Whole Foods’ 365 brand sandwich cookie.

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