Help with green juice

I would like to try making some green juice that doesn’t taste like I juiced my lawn clippings.

Does anyone have a green juice recipe that they’d be willing to share? I’ve read a lot of different recipes but am a little reluctant to start making random recipes because I don’t want a lot of juice that I don’t want to drink (because the recipe is gross).

Hahaha, yeah i know exactly what you’re talking about…!
Are you using an actual juicer or something like a high powered blender?
I use an actual juicer and for my basic not too green juice i use the following- makes two really big glasses worth. Just mix together if you put extra in the fridge to drink later.

  • one regular cucumber, peeled
  • about 1” of ginger cut into chunks
  • one lemon, skin and pith removed
  • one granny smith apple or half of a sweeter apple
  • either one bunch of kale or for more mild green one bunch of spinach, stems and all

Then taste it. If it’s too green add more apple, or you can add carrots which make an unfortunate muddy color but do add a little sweetness.
I think the lemon is really important but you can certainly use a different citrus- i add citrus to make sure the nutrients from the other veg are absorbed- apparently the vitamin c helps.

You will have to play around with quantities and ingredients a bit, i add the cucumber because all very dense veggies make a really thick hard core juice and celery adds a very specific flavor. A tiny tiny pinch of salt mixed into the juice makes a big difference. I have also played with a bit of prepared horseradish or some cracked black pepper and those are great additions too


So I just made this! Turned out really good- I did add an extra apple. Thank you for posting this!

I have a Moulinex infinity juicer.

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Oh yay!! Glad you like it :))
One of my favorite other combos is a really refreshing one using one cucumber, half of a sweet pink grapefruit, a big handful of cilantro, and pineapple chunks (i get lazy and use the stuff in a can but obviously better with fresh), just adjust the pineapple for how sweet you like it. Also way better with the tiny pinch of salt.

I love juicing beets but they can make big damn mess- yellow beets are better and a bit less earthy. I juice the greens and cut the beets in big chunks- a bunch seems to be 3/4 good sized ones, then 5-6 big carrots (organic taste way better in my experience) and a big orange with the peel and pith cut off. I had issues with anemia and would make this often since the beets are high in iron.

You’ll have fun with it! I always buy discounted bags of produce when i see it, something like carrot and tomato juice with half juice and half water makes a really tasty liquid for rice, or broth base for veg soups and such.
Broccoli, swiss chard, collard greens, and celery can be very strong and somewhat bitter when juiced so tread carefully with those- well and broccoli just doesn’t make much juice! Haha.

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The grapefruit one sounds good but I can’t have grapefruit anymore because of a medication that I’m on :frowning: . I did buy just one beet to see what recipe I could use it in. I was reluctant just because of the mess factor. I love to hate beets!

Oh shoot… it would be great swapping in a whole lemon or a lime, the extra tart citrus works well in the combo.
I’m with you- i love beets so much but i’ll find little red spatters somewhere they don’t belong no matter how careful i am…!
You can just make the basic green juice and add the beet to it, that’s tasty too without having a prominent earthy beet flavor to it in the end