Help with "Forgotten Meringues"

Tried making this tried-and-true recipe for the first time in this house with this gas oven. A complete failure, as the cookies were a sticky mess this morning. I think the back of the oven isn’t sealed (can see the flames when it’s heating from the back).

The recipe: oven to 400 degrees. Waxed paper on two cookie sheets. Make meringue with egg whites, sugar, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. Stir in 2 C of chocolate chips. Drop onto waxed paper. Into oven, close door, and turn off the oven. The next morning, crispy meringues! Except this morning I had a sticky mess.

So…any guidance on how I could tweak the baking process on these? Every recipe I’ve found is similar, involving cooking for a while and then turning off the heat and letting the cookies continue to dry in the oven.

Did you check the real temperature of the oven?

Was the egg white whipped firmly? Did you respect the size of the meringue in your recipe? Is your kitchen humid?

Make sure there isn’t any trace of fat anywhere.

I think your meringues weren’t cooked enough when you turned off the oven. OR the egg white + chocolate mixture was under or over beaten.

If you are doing a second time, maybe do a test with a few without chocolate and see if there is still problem.

i know this is old…

you say tried and true recipe, but according to whom? have you made it before? whenever i have made chocolate meringues it’s with cocoa powder.

My mom used to make 'forgotten meringues with chocolate chips, they were one of my favorites.

ElsieDee, you could try baking them on low 200-250F for an hour or two instead of leaving them overnight.