Help. What's Wrong with my Tomato

So, I had no idea where to put this post as we have no gardening categories. I hope someone can help… Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my tomato?

Critters! your tomato is being eaten.

Looks like it may have been started by a bird, but helped along by other opportunists – could be other birds, or any of a long list of insects that have found their way into the open wound.

It looks disgusting. :smiley:
Anyway, I thought we have a gardening category, no?

Thanks Sunshine. Actually looked again this morning - it’s not a critter in there. It’s hard. The other tomatoes have vertical lines like the one you see leading up to the hole. One of the other tomatoes has holes. I moved this plant away from my other two. I think I will go to a garden center today and see what they have to say.

Nope - no gardening. I actually posted this on CH because they have a gardening category - got one response.

Hard to tell from the photo but could be blossom end rot caused by lack of calcium. I suggest taking the fruit in a closed, clear zip-top bag to your local garden center (not Lowe’s ,etc). You may also get information online from your local agricultural extension.

I am planning to do that today I’m. I’m irrationally upset about it. I have been nurturing these tomatoes!!!

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Looks like catfacing. This page has some good information.

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Nothing irrational about it! We wait a long time between tomato seasons :slight_smile:

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That there mater got a hole in it!!

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I saw this photo similar to yours. The article said it is probably caused by cool night temperature in the flower formation period.

Just got back from the tomato doc. She said that a) the variety of to ato is prone to the striping b) good that it’s not at the blossom end. Most likely the result of being in too small a pot. A bug may have crawled into the hole in that was there but the tomatoes have no symptoms of critters. I separated them from my other ones anyway! Thanks for your help!

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Not to sound like a know it all, but they pretty much said what I did!!!

Yes, they sure did!!! Thanks NotJ!

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We get those on a lot of the really big tomatoes

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My pleasure, I know my mater matters!