Help! Re bravetart’s classic yellow cake

Am hesitant to ask this bc I think I must be misinterpreting something.
Recipe asks for 1 1/3 cups milk | 13 ounces.
How can those amounts be the same🤔?
(Bravetart rec page 118)

13 ounces would be ~ 1 2/3 cups so there’s either a typo in the recipe or someone made a mistake when converting the volume measurement to weight. I’d probably use the lower amount to start, you can add the additional 1/3 cup milk if the batter looks too stiff but be careful not to over-mix.


Thanks. Am just mixing and that was the way I intended to proceed.
Disappointed as book has been out for a while. This should have been noted somewhere.

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Stella Parks is very responsive on social media. Ask her directly on Instagram and she is very likely to get back to you!

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I read through the recipe and see that it says each cake layer is ~ 26 ounces batter, adding up the weights of the ingredients seem to show that 1 1/3 cups milk (10 2/3 ounces) is the correct amount.

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A little late but sometimes the publisher will have a errata sheet on their site.

Forgot to weigh before putting into oven. I did end up using the 13 oz milk as batter seemed very thick. Cake rose very well. Texture is more poundcake like than I would like. And I won’t even talk about my effort at the fudge Frosting.