Help NJ

I have been unable to sign in now for over a week anyone else ?
Hopefully I can get some of the responses.
Don’t ask how I just got in it seems sketchy

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Not sure if NJ is a request of the NJ board in general or my initials. What I’m going to do is flag this post so the proper mods/tech savvy people can respond. Sorry for the inconvenience hopefully it gets straightened out quickly.


I will be interested if anyone had the same issue. With that said, you and I are already conversing on this topic- it remains unclear what the exact issue that caused this, and that I can’t so far duplicate the issue, so the fix remains elusive.


I used to be able to sign in on my phone now only getting in via a “ link”

Have you tried to wipe all the browser data (related to the site anyway) — cookies and so on. If something saved on your phone is causing it, that may reset it.

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Yes on both devices, the only way I get in is to click on a “ link” that I get after I hit I forgot my password.

I am running a very old windows on my PC no issues getting in HELP @sck

I observe that many new users are registering and accessing accounts using Google login so I don’t think its an issue with Google login.

Can you tell me the OS and browser version that you are using to try to login via Google, and getting issues? I need the exact versions please.

Not a very technical guy so that’s an issue
I pad is 5 + years old using the latest version os available tried chrome & safari as browsers.
Have always had issues signing directly from Facebook
Interesting enough in my ancient PC where I’m running Widows 7 & a compatible chrome browser no issues.
Any help is appreciated.