Help needed - Good foodie-worthy luncheon spot en-route to Montreal from Toronto

Need your help and input, fellow foodie friends!

Planning a food-crawl trip to Montreal and Quebec city ( picking venues for these two places are the relatively EASY part! )
Now comes the hard part!

QUESTION: For a lunch break en-route between Toronto and Montreal, is there a ‘foodie-worthy’ eating destination around Prince Edward County and Kingston area one would recommend?! Anything except Asian, Ha! ![:joy:

Thanks in advance!![:handshake:

Albert Ponzo is the chef at the new resto in the nice hotel in Picton. But Picton isn’t really en route. It’s a detour.

I like Chez Piggy in Kingston.


If you want a ‘more leisurely’ lunch, consider Drake Devonshire (but a bit of a detour, near Sandbanks).
I haven’t been there (yet) but the Executive chef is Amanda Ray (formerly of O &B) - and IMO she was always the best chef in their roster. Her time (sous-chef ) at Canoe was the most impessive it’s ever been - quality plummeted when she moved to Biff’s Bistro (as Head Chef) - that became one of my favourites until a flood closed it down.
She’s resurfaced at Drake - just haven’t made it yet.
I assume that Tanière³ is on your list for Quebec!


I was also looking at Montreal’s ’ Vin Mon Lapin '. What a sad website! Zero info., no pricing or menu info. as well,!

Ask questions about the price and menu in their IG comments (or get your kids to ask using their accounts). They had zucchini blossoms last week.

Their Croque-Petoncles

Chez Piggy is good, but I haven’t been in years.

We were in Quebec City in the fall of 2019. In addition to Taniere, I recommend Chez Boulay for their “boreal” cuisine - lots of foraged ingredients. We were also impressed by the Quebec wines we tried. La Buche is fun if you want to go for comfort food Quebec-style. Le Chic Shack is also great for the poutine 2.0 (braised beef with aged cheddar was great) and the house-made fruit sodas. And the cocktails are lovely at Bar 1608 at the Chateau Frontenac.

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Just a quick update!
Lucky enough to secure a table at ’ Joe Beef ', evening of arrival at Montreal. Therefore, decided to save room and grab a quick gourmet pizza lunch at ’ Wooden Heads wood-fire gourmet pizza ’ at Kingston.

FYI, other reservations made included: Taniere3, Chez Jules and Chez Boulay in Quebec city; Monarque and Jun1 in Montreal. Still debating whether to spend 4+ hours at Ottawa’s Atelier and trying to tackle a 44 courses tasting menu?!


@THECHARLES I’m not sure if you have gone on your road trip yet but as a follow up to Atelier in Ottawa - I haven’t been yet but I have heard nothing but good things about their tasting menu.

If you will be making a stop over I can recommend Play Food and Wine in the Byward Market. I think they rotate their menu periodically but if you can ever get their pork belly I would highly recommend it.

Also in the market is Pili Pili

Chez Lucien makes great pub fare and their croque monsieur is a favourite. They don’t have a website but you can find their menu here:

If you like Mexican, Ahora is good

If you like Indian food apparently Kochin Kitchen is the most authentic
Shafali is good So is Ramakrishna And East India Company

If you are looking for lunch I could recommend Wilf and Ada’s. I really like their bennies. Their website seems to be down but I found a menu for you to have a look at:

The Manx is good too

Last one! If you like Italian I can recommend Mamma Teresa

I hope you enjoy(ed) your trip,

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WOW!! Thank you so much for the info.,!!
We are heading out late September to see the fall colours.
Also, after managed to secure a spot at Taniere in Quebec City to try out their 17+ course dinner, we thought the 40 course at Atelier could be a little ’ double dipping ’ in tasting menu experience?!
You ’ Indian ’ recommendation sounded intriguing!