Help needed- food writers in London/ Manchester

One question- who are the good food writers in the London/ Manchester area, and what geographical area/ types of food they cover? Needs not be super well known, just needs to be great with their craft. Trying to get the words out to their followers.


I tend not to read bloggers but there are a number operating in the Greater Manchester area. Google will be your friend.

Similarly, there are a number of professional writers/reviewers - for instance, the crew at Manchester Confidential -

I would guess neither group is likely to be too friendly towards a forum as we’d only take traffic away from them. For the latter, that’s their livelihood. For the former, that’s their freebie PR dine-outs down the pan.

Thanks John. Looking for more the latter. I am going to test following their followers. So nothing that would particularly annoy. Think of whose critics ‘I’d respect and want to read.’ and the kind of people who read those critics that ‘I’d want to hang out here with’

IMO, the best three professionals around Manchester are Mark Garner (known as Gordo), Neil Sowerby and Jonathan Schofield. All associated with Manchester Confidential and I’d suggest you start with them.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Thanks. Any writers for London? Ideally not just the most famous ones like Jay Rayner because every one knows them. But also the lesser known good ones that the followers are probably more hard core food lovers.

Only just joined your site, so sorry if i get things a little wrong to start. I own and operate which has been created to be a resource for “loved” restaurants. So we have a number of people who write about restaurants, not on a paid basis. More that they and at least 300 others have visited and “liked” on Facebook - this gives a even Playing Field. So basically there may be some useful data on our site about UK restaurants. Also we do work with a couple of Food Bloggers and Chefs (check out our Chef’s Table interviews who also may have some interesting detail for you. Did not want this to be seen a commercial post and hope the info helps