help me understand what a few codes mean on threads

Maybe there is a FAQ section somewhere that I’m missing. I’m figuring things out pretty well here but a few things I haven’t figured out yet -

The little blue dot next to reply counts? What is that, why does it appear? Doesn’t seem to relate to anything I’ve done (read/not read, posted to/ not, etc).

Response counts turning yellow/orange? Why is that happening. Again can’t seem to tie it to my behavior … and doesn’t seem to tie to count levels, etc.

That’s it for me right now - is there a “how to use this site” post I’m missing somewhere?


Do you mean the blue dot with numbers in it, to the right of the title? That’s how many new comments have posted since you last read the thread.

That one I get. But there is another little blue dot that appears next to some threads to the left of the number (and no number in it like the new post counts). I’m on an iPhone, maybe it isn’t there on a desktop …

Here is a screen shot.

You can see the blue dot

And two different shades of orange numbers … (brighter orange on top and a darker orange “16” lower down)

Must be a phone thing. On laptop that little blue dot is followed by the word “new”. I don’t see your orange colors.

Thanks for trying. Maybe those blue dots are next to posts that are also considered “new”. That could be.

Though ironically this post doesn’t appear in the “new” filter …

You don’t have orange numbers either or you don’t see them on my screen shot? :wink:

I don’t have orange numbers :confused:

That is it. All the blue dot threads are also the ones listed if I filter to just see “new” threads. Though why this post isn’t in that list is beyond me.


On a desktop, if you hover your cursor over the dots and/or orange numbers it will give you description.

The orange numbers mean there is a high “post to like” ratio or something like that. I think it’s a hint as to how popular the responses are to a particular thread.


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I sent this query as a private message to the site administrator, but I have yet to receive a response (sad face). So I appeal to the rank & file: A blue circle appeared above and between the “chat” and “search” icons. What does it mean? The number inside started at 2 and is now 43, but I haven’t received any private messages, replies to posts, likes, etc.

It’s a new chat window that apparently goes to all 700+ members at this point. Fancy idea, eh? :sweat_smile:

Now I’m afraid to even go near it. What is it counting? Are there 44 chats roaming around that I have yet to encounter?

Just 44 replies.

To what? (I swear I’m not an idiot, but for some reason I’m having a terrible time understanding this thing.)

HA! See, I just asked my dear man (and native speaker) how one would refer to parts of a chat. B/c, of course, the first “part” is not a reply, but a mere sentence.

So - I guess it’s 1 sentence Chem wrote, and 43 replies in the chat.


OH! I never clicked on the chat icon (until just now). I clicked on the blue circle, but all it did was reload the page. Thank you. That was exhausting.

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Time for a snack, eh?

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Isn’t it always?

Well, of course.

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And a nap.


And some tequila