Help Me Choose My Brunch Today NJ

I am solo for brunch today and I have boiled it down to two options:

Aarzu’s Incredible Indian Spread vs. WestLake’s Dim Sum

Which would you do, early NJ HO risers? I have to eat early as there’s lots of cooking for me to do this afternoon in preparation for next week’s holiday.



I would always choose Indian overseas dim sum


I would vote for AArzu! What time are you going?


I pretty much have to open the place at noon or 11:30 for dim sum.

Purely based on solo dining, Aarzu. Dim sum isn’t as fun solo because you can’t eat as many things.


I haven’t been to aarzu but I think joon nailed it. My vote is Indian.

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Let me know if you decide to go to Aarzu and are open for a mini HO Down. I’m free and could make it.

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Sorry, once I realized that Westlake opens at 10:30 today, it was no contest.

No worries. Time trumps all on busy days. Let us know how it was!

I guess I am the rare bird who likes a lot of savory food early in the day as I sat alone for most of my meal, but that was fine with me. A lot of good food and two plates of egg tarts later and now I can cook. Thanks for all the help my fellow HOs, and next time at Aarzu!


Has anyone tried the drifthouse brunch? This appears to be the Sunday brunch menu but I’m confused. What do you actually get for 29.00? And yes, the site is outdated as this file says summer brunch

1566247805DH_Summer_Brunch__Menu.pdf (989.2 KB)

Do you mean DriftHOUSE?

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Yes! I will edit. Thanks

Ps, I can’t get the dinner menu to open on my phone. Can anyone open that?