Help finding a Quiet Casual Dinner Place near 7th Ave and 14th, [Manhattan]?

Im part of a group that is moving its monthly meeting location to this area - after our meetings we take our visiting speakers to dinner - Looking for a GOOD comfortable place that would not be too noisy for a group of 5-8 to talk and that could also accomodate at least one dairy sensitive person and likely vegetarians and others with dietary restrictions over time. Not over $50 per person if we can help it and open on Monday nights (woops!) Any thoughts would be really welcome. I see Chama Mama is right there, which is good.

It is indeed. I like all their cold appetizers, esp. the mushroom salad.

Another option would be the new L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele

I’m very fond of Chama Mama. And was going to suggest La Nacional, except it’s closed on Monday. I had a nice lunch at Auntie Guan’s recently, but I’m not sure how it gets in the evening.

Tangentially, I believe that the new Chama Mama on Montague St in Bklyn Heights opens today.

Have you been to the 14th St. one? I liked Oda House on Ave B better, but Chama Mama is nice, too.

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Is Gottino too far?

Da Michele, or Da Andrea might work

Pinto Garden, Hao Noodle, and Auntie Guan’s Kitchen are not far, depending on the dietary restrictions.

When you say $50 per person, does that include drinks, tax, tip? Or just food? Someone suggested Da Andrea, which is quite good. Also Le Zie or Piccolo Angolo. A really good Thai restaurant is Galanga on West 4th and would easily fit the budget, as would Shu Han Ju for Szechuan. Or maybe Agave for Mexican, though it can get noisy. Any of these will depend on what day of the week, as far as noise is concerned. Avoid Friday and Saturday.