Help choosing quiet(ish) restaurant in Manhattan for party of 6 -

My parents will be in NYC on Sunday Feb 19th and are looking for a great restaurant to meet up with some relatives who they haven’t seen in a while. It will be a party of 6 people, and they’d like to have good food and a quiet-enough environment to have conversations. Looking for something casual ( as far as ambiance, attire) and price range not super high.

They’d be hoping for a 6:30 or 7:00 PM reservation.

They are staying on Upper West Side, and other relatives are staying midtown, so probably looking for something in Manhattan north of 14th St. But location is less important than the food/environment.

One place that has come to mind is Periyali, which they’ve eaten at before and which could be a good fit. Another possibility is Nice Matin.

Probably leaning toward European/Middle Eastern cuisine, but open to other ideas too. Again, top priority is a nice environment for catching up with family, and good food.

Thanks in advance for anything that comes to mind!


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They ended up going to Periyali. They said it was indeed quiet and was good for catching up with family.

They also said the food wasn’t as great as they remembered and that the moussaka was very meat-heavy and heavy in general.

Who knows who’s reading the NYC posts these days, but hopefully this post will help someone looking for a quiet, expensive and heavy Greek meal! :slight_smile:


not much of a recommendation, eh? but good to see your report back!

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Sorry the meal was meh. I wouldn’t have suggested Periyali or similar given your price comment, though.

Elea on the UWS is very good at a similar cost (as is their sister restaurant Kyma downtown). For Turkish / middle eastern on the UWS there are also Bodrum and Gazala. Turkuaz has moved downtown and would have been in their radius. Ravagh (several locations) is good too. Hopefully this helps another time.

There’s a bunch of us over here.

Thanks! My parents go to NYC fairly often so will definitely keep these recs in mind!