HEB meat deal Houston

As promised I deliver this: 7.97 USDA prime strips in a 2 pack, choice and select also on sale for less price points.

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Wow! You can’t touch that price around here.

Now we need some pics :slight_smile:

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Starting Wednesday it’s 9.97 prime ribeye with choice and select at lower prices.

They also have 16-25 fresh Gulf white shrimp for 8.97.


Not meat, not advertised but today at my HEB fresh, wild head on Gulf white shrimp 9-12 count.

I would call to check availability.

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I wasn’t prepared for that surprise and didn’t move on it. We have leftovers we need to eat tonight and tomorrow…

Tomorrow we are going to destroy El Tiempo/Washington Ave. We’ll be at the bar around 4 working our way to the far in what the Wifeacita calls “her happy place” and one of the waiters calls the VIP seats. Feel free to drop in.

We’ll feed on crispy carnitas old school from the menu and something I just brainstormed off the menu fresh jumbo lump in melted queso on the good fresh flour tortillas.

I’m fairly certain they’ll do it if not we’ll have to slum it with crab nachos or crab enchiladas in a marisco cream sauce, quesadillas with crab and bacon are also in play.