HEB has a new twist on store discount cards

Not sure what to think. Opinions?

I’m thinking it will be 5% on Hill County stuff. No bueno…

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The debit card has multiple benefits like 5 percent cash back on H-E-B brand items (all under the H-E-B, Hill Country Fare, Meal Simple, Field & Future by H-E-B, Home by H-E-B, Kodi, Cocinaware, H-E-B Kitchen & Table, and GTC, among other), …

Looks like its all of their stuff.


Not Bad. That does sound pretty good. I do like the Simple Meals. The stuffed mushrooms were a favorite for dinner. JCOstiones my Poo would not go for Hill County.

I’ve had a few of those, too. Especially salads and soups. I wonder if this will include rotisserie chicken, chicken quarters, etc? Maybe their mixed nuts?

I always keep a supply of Spicy Charro Beans on hand but yeah, the HCF stuff is mediocre.

No mention of CM stuff?

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