Heaven for bid..... a can of soup!

I confess. I have two recipes that I like to make that call for canned soup:

One is a recipe for Max and Erma’s Chicken tortilla soup that I got off line. It is not remotely like a chicken tortilla soup that I have had in Mexico, but by soup standards, it’s pretty darned tasty.

Second recipe is a spaghetti sauce- ground beef, celery, onions, canned tomato and mushroom soups etc. Not like a tomato sauce for pasta, not like a Bolognese but again, tasty comfort food. I think the recipe was my mother’s mother’s , so we’re talking circa 1950. I ate it as a kid and loved it. Like it as an adult and my husband loves it. Certainly not a mind blowing dish by any means.

I realize canned soups aren’t the healthiest. I really don’t eat them on their own although still have a soft spot for canned Campbell’s cream of mushroom.

Some people regard it as next to criminal to use a can of soup in anything but I am no snob. Anybody else got any canned soup gems out there?

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One of my long-lost cookbooks was called something along the lines of, “Best Loved Recipes from the Backs of Boxes, Bottles, Cans, and Jars” - reminded me of my mother’s cooking, in a good way.

I do keep Cream of Mushroom (Campbell’s) in the pantry - stir it into veggie pot pies, etc.

One of my favorite childhood meals was Mom’s Curried Tuna - served over rice or toast. Golden Mushroom soup (I think it’s been discontinued), canned tuna, cheap/generic curry powder, and milk. Warm, filling, and very exotic tasting, especially for a kid growing up in a rural town with a population of 106.

I seem to recall a recipe for chicken enchiladas that involved Cream of Mushroom in the sauce, too.

I’ve also made a spice cake that contained canned tomato soup - I recall it being moist and thought it decadent due to the thick cream cheese frosting.


I like Campbell’s cream of celery .

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I use a can of condensed cream of tomato soup in my wholly inauthentic tortilla but totally delicious soup recipe. Thanks for the reminder…it’s going on next week’s menu :slight_smile:

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My SO makes enchiladas with Cream Of Mushroom soup Elsie. They’re good but eat two & you feel like you swallowed an anchor.


I actually saw a golden cream of mushroom soup from campbells just the other day-never tried it myself but it’s out there.

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One of my most favorite dishes as a kid was a chicken and rice and cream of mushroom soup baked dish mom made. The recipe probably came off the can, she was always a fan of the recipes printed on the ingredients. Always in the big pyrex rectangle. I want to say the rice was raw going in, and then the chicken (thighs?) sat on top. Probably a once a week or so thing we all loved it and plus a salad dinner was done.
Once i became vegetarian (very young) she would bake me rice with the soup gravy stuff seperate from the chicken with tofu instead. Still good stuff.
Now that dairy hates me i make my own creamy dairy free mushroom gravy and have over a bowl of white rice to revive those fond memories but it’s just not quite the same…


My mother used to brown skin-on chicken parts along with onion then add a can of cream-o-mush. I think that’s all there was. It made a greasy gravy and I loved it despite the rubbery skin that resulted. I made it once a while back, without the skin, but it was too salty. I have been using very little salt for decades now, but I do use a dollop of cream-o-mush when making gravy for meat loaf. There’s always the remains of a can in the freezer.


Nice post. I almost forget this can of soup. Mine is also cream of mushroom from Campbell for my childhood. Actually, as a kid, I liked it so much was eating it directly from the can, without cooking or adding water. I don’t think I can find Campbell soup easily now in Paris, and now that I know how to make the mushroom creamy soup…

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I must confess to having never heard of Max & Erma’s but there’s a boatload of recipes for several of their soups.
I used to use Tortilla soup to judge new Mexico places since almost everyplace has a version.
edit: That is one weird mix of menu items. I can see why they have had troubles.

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My mom made that too Grey. The recipe was on the can. She used to make another version with canned tuna, COM soup & rice too.

Some of my favorite recipes of Mom’s involved “Cream of…” soups. She invariably thinned them with some sherry, so they always seemed elegant to my untrained palate :wink: Cream of chicken over cornbread and cream of shrimp over rice, plus tuna casserole with cream of mushroom. She had a LOT of mouths to feed and not much time, but we didn’t starve.

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