[Heaton Chapel, Stockport] Littlewoods - a proper old fashioned butcher

Even though Heaton Chapel is only a few minutes drive from home, I’d never have come across this butcher’s shop by chance. But we were at a restaurant recently which mentioned it on their website as their main meat supplier. I can see why. This is all top quality stuff - and very much local provenence and high welfare husbandry

Beef is Hereford X Aberden Angus hung for 28 days, and originating from farms in Cheshire or Lancashire. Free range and grass fed, of course.

Lamb are from Suffolks, also from the two counties. They make a point of reminding you that spring lamb is a delicate flavour, whilst the meat at this time of year is much more “robust”.

Pork comes from the Large White, which is a “rare breed”. It’s raised free range, on a single farm in nearby Shropshire.

Just hope it tastes as good as it looks. http://www.littlewoodsbutchers.co.uk/