Heat Tong Wine Bottle Opening

What do you think? Saw this and think it is pretty cool. A lot of works.

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Meanwhile, there I am, just sitting there being thirsty.

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I know. It does seem to take a some time and a lot of works (skill too)

I see the advantage of it, but it kinda reminds me of Benihana. Ooh, theater, can I have my food now?

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Well it is a performance

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Reminds me of those annoying ice cream vendors who think it’s amusing to twirl your ice cream cone around for 20 minutes before giving it to you. If a vendor did that to me, I’d take the money back and leave for the nearest normal ice cream shop or grocery store.

I guess this is fun for someone who loves wine and wine rituals. Since I don’t drink, I feel like I’d just be downing glasses of water while I wait.

I DO drink, which makes it extra annoying!

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Well, then you must hate Turkish ice cream.

Yes! These videos frustrate me to no end, and I’m not even the customer.

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Cool . But much cooler would be to say . Saluti and use a saber to crack that bottle open . On my bucket list . Probably only on sparkling wine . I could just see myself with a screw driver in hand on that bottle. Lol .

I think it is one of those things which is cool to see it once, but probably not what we want every time. I probably do not want my wine to be opened like this all the time. It is not the most efficient way and very laborsome.

That being said, I appreciate the slow ceremony matcha (or any tea in general)

Please get a Saber. You need it.