Heart is back ❤ What happened to the "Like" button?


I see it randomly. :fork_and_knife:




When I click LIKE on the heart, FORK and KNIFE comes up. But only if I click on it, others LIKES doesn’t count.

(Gwenn) #2

Hi - I was reading a post and wanted to “like” it but the like button is not there -even when I hit the dots to get more options. What up?

(Gwenn) #3

Never mind - it’s a heart now?


Software upgrade quirks!


And it’s a fork/knife that now becomes a green heart - I like it!


Well that’s not quite intentional but its hard to figure out why.


Interesting that when I click the knife/fork “like” it becomes a green heart on my screen - and when someone “likes” my post it shows as a grey heart. (I’m thinking this is something to do with how I’ve configured my phone’s browser.)

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I noticed this as well over the weekend. Either or doesn’t really matter to me.


Actually now, once you “like”, you cannot “unlike” it.

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I liked and un-liked this comment about a dozen times. lol


Weird, now I can. Thanks. A :beetle: I guess.

Is it possible to have a :poultry_leg: instead of a :heart:?!


Great! Fork and knife returns!

But the word “new” is gone…now a red dot on the home page.


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Wow that’s odd, I don’t have either “New” or a “red dot” I get these messages for every new thread:


Almost. Just almost.


Magic mushroom overdose? Dream comes nearly true…